“Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett – review

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I recently finished reading “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett… What an amazing book!

It is the first installment of the trilogy called “The Century”, and I definitely intend to read the following two books!

“Fall of Giants” tells the story of five different families that are brought together through the First World War. Although the story centers around these five families, you also learn about society and the political situation at the time the story takes place, in the different countries involved in the war.

I didn’t know much about WW1 before I read this book, but have learnt plenty, as it includes many historical details.

It took me a good two months to get through the book, as it is about the size of a brick – 850 pages – but I have really enjoyed this reading experience, and would definitely recommend this book!


– Ida


“Nine Stories” by J. D. Salinger – Review


“Nine Stories” (or “For Esme – with Love and Squalor) is, as the title implies, a collection of nine short stories. I read this book quite recently, and it is one of those books where, as you turn the last page, you wonder whether you will ever read as great a book again!

If I had to choose my favorite stories out of the nine, I would probably pick “The Laughing Man”, “Teddy”, and “For Esme – with Love and Squalor”. The main character in these three stories are children, and the way Salinger writes children is so true and mesmerizing – the characters are all so genuine and raw that they almost leap off the page!

All the stories in this book leave a lasting impression. They often have an open ending, leaving room for interpretation. For me, this meant that I continued to reflect on the book and my perceptions of the story; even though these stories are short, they can leave you thinking about them for days after you’ve finished reading them.

If you’ve never read anything by J. D. Salinger, this would be a great first read. He is one of my favorite authors, and I find that these short stories perfectly give you a sense of his writing style.

I would also recommend this book to anyone looking for something to read that is not too heavy, but still absolutely captivating.


– Ida ❤