“Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett – review

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I recently finished reading “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett… What an amazing book!

It is the first installment of the trilogy called “The Century”, and I definitely intend to read the following two books!

“Fall of Giants” tells the story of five different families that are brought together through the First World War. Although the story centers around these five families, you also learn about society and the political situation at the time the story takes place, in the different countries involved in the war.

I didn’t know much about WW1 before I read this book, but have learnt plenty, as it includes many historical details.

It took me a good two months to get through the book, as it is about the size of a brick – 850 pages – but I have really enjoyed this reading experience, and would definitely recommend this book!


– Ida



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Hey there!

This week seems to have gone by so slowly, every hour of school seemed to last twice as long as normal. I have just been completely drained at the end of every day, so it was great when the weekend finally came around!

Friday after school I took the train to Aarhus to meet up with a friend, and we had actually planned to go to Aros (an art museum that we both love), but there were so many people, so we ended up just walking around, sitting down at a cafe, and looking around in different shops…

Saturday was just spent relaxing and doing some homework and such, and today is my sisters birthday so we have had people over most of the day :)…

How has your weekend been? ❤

– Ida

Last Day of Fall Break

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Hi there! Today is Sunday and the last day of fall break, tomorrow the alarm clock will start ringing again… This past week has gone by so fast! I wish this break would last a few more days, yet it’ll be nice to get back to the daily grind…

Today I’ve just been relaxing, listening to music, mentally preparing myself for starting school again 🙂

Having had this week off has been great, visiting Poland was very interesting, and it was really nice to just get a break from school and everyday life…

Hope you have all had a great weekend! ❤

– Ida

Fall Break

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Where I live (in Denmark), we have the coming week off from school… In Danish we call it ‘efterårsferie’, which would translate to ‘fall break’ 🙂

My family and I have decided to spend the break in Poland, since we have never traveled to any countries in Eastern Europe. We arrived last night (Saturday) and will be staying for about a week…

Today we went exploring Wroclaw, the city that we’ll probably be staying in for most of the week. We walked around the old part of Wroclaw and took a tour of the river that runs through the city…






– Ida