Omaha Beach & La Pointe du Hoc

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Yesterday we drove to Normandy in France to visit Omaha Beach and La Pointe du Hoc. It took about four hours to get to Normandy from Diksmuide, but the beautiful scenery made the drive very intriguing.

Walking along Omaha Beach and seeing the breathtaking view from Pointe du Hoc was a very humbling experience, and it is almost hard to imagine how these places have been the setting for something as fierce as the landings on D-Day.


– Ida ❤


The Yorkshire Dales

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Today we traveled through the Yorkshire Dales on the Settle-Carlisle Railway Line. Although it was raining, we had a great view of the amazing landscape. We got off the train in Appleby, where the line ends at the moment, due to a landslide. Appleby probably makes a great center for exploring ‘the Dales’, but as the weather was quite dull and gloomy, we just took a walk around the small town and enjoyed the scenery before catching the train back to Leeds.



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Today we took the train to Skipton – the ride from Leeds was about 45 minutes. We got to admire the beautiful landscape along the way, which is one of the reasons I love traveling by train 🙂

In Skipton, we visited the impressive Skipton Castle, one of England’s best preserved medieval castles, which was definitely worth seeing. We also paid the Skipton Market a visit, as well as many of the small shops around the town.


– Ida ❤

Greetings from Leeds

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Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m in Leeds (England) at the moment, and this is where I will be spending the next couple of weeks. My mom is working here for a few months, so the rest of my family is here as well, although my dad and I can only stay here for a little over two weeks before we have to get back to school and work.

We arrived Saturday night after a full day of traveling – from Hamburg to Leeds, with a stopover in Amsterdam.

Sunday we went to a market, walked around the city, and visited the beautiful library, where there was also a small art exhibition.

Monday was filled with more walking and admiration of the lovely city.


– Ida ❤

Last Day in Wroclaw


Thursday was our last full day in Wroclaw before we headed back to Denmark. We spent the day walking around a part of the city that we hadn’t yet seen and also did a bit of shopping :)…



Had an amazing lunch at a restaurant called ‘La Maddalena’ (probably wasn’t that polish, but it was very good)…



Stopped for coffee and a slice of cheesecake at ‘FC Caffe’…

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! ❤

– Ida

Beautiful Kraków


Tuesday morning we took a train from Wroclaw to Kraków. The train ride was about three hours long, but it gave us a chance to see what Poland looks like outside the city. We stayed in Kraków for two days (until Wednesday night) and saw many fun things. Mostly we just walked around the city, admiring the beautiful streets and buildings, but we also visited museums like Schindler’s Factory.

IMG_7044   IMG_4471 IMG_4416   IMG_4418  IMG_4421   IMG_4423  IMG_4440   IMG_4473

– Ida

Fall Break

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Where I live (in Denmark), we have the coming week off from school… In Danish we call it ‘efterårsferie’, which would translate to ‘fall break’ 🙂

My family and I have decided to spend the break in Poland, since we have never traveled to any countries in Eastern Europe. We arrived last night (Saturday) and will be staying for about a week…

Today we went exploring Wroclaw, the city that we’ll probably be staying in for most of the week. We walked around the old part of Wroclaw and took a tour of the river that runs through the city…






– Ida